Diving into Django, jail data

My weekend project is to dive into Django. I get the concept and have been it in action, but I’ve never actually worked with it directly. It’ll be part of my jail project, which is going very well. (An amazing number of people go to jail daily in Greene County, Mo.)

My goal is a “dashboard” of jail statistics of frequent flyers, latest people booked along with some fun, and interesting, statistics of eye color, hair color, etc.

For example, right now in my 1,798-row data set there are:

  • 824 brown eyes
  • 499 blue eyes
  • 278 hazel eyes
  • 179 green eyes
  • 5 black eyes
  • 3 grey eye
  • 10 unknown or not specified eye color

Useful? Probably not in reporting, but certainly interesting for readers.