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Using Python to scrape website data loaded through JavaScript

As more sites are leaning on JavaScript to load dynamic data, web scraping is hitting new hurdles. Purely using the urllib2 library from Python will return the site without the dynamic data available to gather if a JavaScript library is used to populate site information.

Hitting this wall, I decided to take a deep dive in scraping data from a local paper who I freelance for’s rosters to create code replacement files to use in Photo Mechanic in this upcoming season. This makes captioning faster and easier, making photos available quicker to the paper.

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Katy Carron’s sports wild side

I can’t count how many football and basketball games I’ve photographed, but when it comes to my first time shooting sports such as swimming or pole vault, I’m lost.

The idea is simple enough: swim faster, use a stick to throw yourself over a bar. But this past Saturday while shooting pole vault, I had to pick up the phone and figure out how you actually win.

Katy Carron in a cross country uniform
Katy ran cross country and pole vaulted at Francis Howell. Family photo

A few seasons ago, I had no idea what a swimming medley relay was or, as embarrassing as it is, the difference between a breaststroke and the butterfly.

Luckily, my fiancée had the answers.

Katy Carron may have one of the most obscure high school sports resumes around. A season of cross country. A season of pole vault. A season as a hockey cheerleader. Two seasons of swimming — including competing in the 500 meter freestyle. Continue reading Katy Carron’s sports wild side

Building a digital newspaper machine

Awhile back, a friend of mine, Nate Papes, ran across Scott Walker, director of enterprise and investigation at Alabama Media Group, who had retrofitted a newspaper machine to display newspaper front pages digitally. (Update March 13, 2016: This link is dead; it appears Walker removed the post.) We talked about creating our own, but never followed through.

A few years later, Nate found a New York Times newspaper machine in a Joplin, Mo., junkyard and began to work on his own machine. I offered to write the software to make the box run since Walker’s was written for a Macintosh and we both were toying with Raspberry Pi computers. In the end, Nate kept his box as original to the Times box as possible and I wrote the software to run as JavaScript in the browser and pull the pages down.

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